Testimonials and Current Work

Podcast and YouTube Channel for Workflow Wonder

“Rayna was the unicorn production manager I was looking for. She meticulously follows all detail-oriented directions, writes procedures of her work, and interacts with a kind, friendly demeanor. She thinks through problems strategically and creatively so that we always remain “on brand.” She is productive, thorough, and compassionate in her workflow. I would absolutely hire her again and am so grateful for the services she provided to Workflow Wonder.”
-Marian Knopp, CEO of Workflow Wonder and host of the podcast Productivity Tip of the Day ®, marian@marianknopp.com

YouTube Producer for The Master Playbook

Rayna is currently working with Holly on her family finance-focused YouTube Channel The Master Playbook to overhaul its look, improve its current videos, increase SEO and create a plan to produce consistent video content moving forward that stays on brand and attracts families.

Project Manager and Producer for Whisk

Rayna is currently working with Shawna, the mastermind behind the micro-bakery Whisk that specializes in gluten-free, paleo and keto baked goods as well as expert-level coffee. Rayna is managing projects that will allow Shawna to expand her local clientele as well as grow her audience to a national level.